Wood Types Comparison

We’re going to start with one of the most popular questions we get which is, What type of wood should I choose for my solid wood furniture?

The six very popular wood types are Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry Brown Maple, Walnut, and Pine wood. Now let’s start with oak.

Oak is a highly durable light-colored wood. It has a well-defined grain pattern. Oak is an ideal candidate for furniture that sees heavy use. While it has a traditional look, oak can be used with many different styles.

Now let’s look at quarter sawn white oak. Quarter sawn white oak wood the oak log is quartered then it’s turned and cut again and this creates a unique grain pattern. Now, quarter sawn white oak has the same durability and strength as your oak wood but it has added resistance to cupping and warping due to the unique way that it’s cut. Quarter sawn white oak is a great candidate for your bedroom furniture and it’s popular for mission and shaker style furniture as well.

Cherry is another popular hardwood that’s most notable because of the way its color changes over time with exposure to light. This beautiful darkening occur seven after the wood is stained. Cherry has a rich, fine, straight grain that makes it a beautiful choice for elegant dining furniture.

We’re on to brown maple. Brown maple wood comes from the heartwood of the log, which is the wood that’s closest to the center of the log. It’s rich with streak sand variations that contribute to a unique wood grain. Brown maple is sleek and smooth; it’s easy to paint and it works well in contemporary furniture.

Now what about hard maple? Hard maple comes from the Sap wood, or the outermost portion of the log. Same strength and durability as Brown maple but it’s heavier and denser.

And we’re moving on to walnut wood. Walnut comes from the heartwood of the tree: remember that’s the wood closest to the center of the log and in a walnut tree this is where the wood is a rich deep brown. The result is a dark tone wood that looks especially stunning in a natural orlin seed oil finish. Walnut is a great candidate for an executive office furniture and stunning dining furniture.

We move on to pine wood. Pine is a softer, lighter toned wood available at a much lower price point. Pine wood is often painted but it can be stained with a dark stain to preserve the quality of the wood grain. Pine is also popular for your country style furniture, your farmhouse style furniture, like farmhouse tables or beautiful pine hutches.

These are just a few of the wood types. What questions would you like answered in our blog? We look forward to hearing from you. Please leave your questions in the comments below.

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